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In the Ring of Real Estate Investing: Are You a Wrestler or a Spectator?

  1. The Wrestling Ring of Real Estate Investing
    In the world of real estate investing, there’s a striking similarity with the world of wrestling. Both require dedication, strategy, resilience, and a ‘never give up’ attitude.
  2. Wrestlers vs. Spectators in Real Estate
    As a wrestling enthusiast and real estate investor, I’ve noticed two categories of people in our field. The “Wrestlers,” who grapple with the challenges head-on, and the “Spectators,” who stay on the sidelines, hesitant to step into the ring.
  3. Wrestlers: The Grapplers of Real Estate Investing
    A Wrestler is not intimidated by the size of their opponent. They tackle challenges with determination and strategy. Just as in a wrestling match, they know every move matters in real estate. Every decision, every risk, every negotiation is a step towards their ultimate victory: achieving their investment goals.
  4. Spectators: The Onlookers of the Investment Arena
    Contrarily, Spectators stay on the sidelines, preferring to watch the action from a safe distance. They’re hesitant to step into the ring, quick to come up with reasons not to invest: “It’s too risky,” “The market is too competitive,” “I don’t have the time.”
  5. Your Attitude Determines Your Success
    Your success in real estate investing largely depends on whether you choose to be a Wrestler or a Spectator. Are you ready to step into the ring, grapple with the challenges, and come out victorious? Or will you stay on the sidelines, watching others achieve their dreams?
  6. Seize the Opportunity
    Wrestling and real estate investing both teach us that victory belongs to those who dare to step into the ring and face their challenges head-on. Embrace the ‘never give up’ attitude of a wrestler, and you’ll find that success is closer than you think.
    Are you ready to grapple your way to success? Remember, in the ring of real estate investing, it’s you against the odds. Now, let’s step into the ring and conquer!

About the Author Sean Flanagan

Sean Flanagan is a Christian family man, MMA Lover, Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai practitioner and self-confessed coffee addict. Lover of everything real estate related and a coach to successful students nationwide. He is the author of PRE-Wholesaling for Fast Cash, Founder of Lucky Buys Yucky Houses ®Motivated Seller Marketing Program , Creator of Pre-Vacant House Goldmine, and also of Abandoned House Secrets.

Sean Flanagan

Sean Flanagan is the CEO and founder of the Investor Lab, a real estate education and publishing company which has trained, coached and mentored thousands of aspiring real estate investors towards successful careers. Investor Lab, LLC was meticulously designed to serve as a comprehensive resource center catering to the distinct needs of real estate investors.

A sought after speaker, real estate coach and published author, he has appeared on major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

Prior to launching the Investor Lab, Sean founded a now nationally recognized real estate brand which was a pioneer in the industry, introducing many investors to “outrageous marketing” combined with the power of broadcast TV commercials, radio ads and billboards used to saturate a real estate territory and quickly become the most recognized real estate investment company in the area. The brand is now licensed by real estate companies in over 150 markets across the country.

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